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10 Easy Hairstyles for a Gorgeous Look

So you’re bored with your look and want to do something cool to your hair, but you’re short on time? Luckily for you, we have solutions. These 10 easy-to-create hairstyles are for those of you who are running late or just feeling a little lazy. Enjoy!

1. The twisted bun

  • Part your hair down the middle into two equal sections.
  • Tie them into a knot, and secure with bobby pins.
  • Twist the top section, and pin your hair as you wrap it around the knot.
  • Repeat with the remaining section of hair, twisting in the opposite direction.
  • Hide the ends under the bun.

2. Pompadour

  • Create a pompadour by teasing a section of hair from temple to temple. Push it against your usual parting to increase lift.
  • Grab small sections of hair, twist them, and lock them into place with bobby pins.

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