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12 Tips That Can Make Our Laundry Routine Much Easier

Scientists even pay attention to laundry day. First, they developed a formula that helped us predict the probability of losing a sock. Second, according to the polls, lots of people don’t know how to use a washing machine, which buttons to push, and where to pour detergents which means that this process has turned out to be really complicated and requires a special approach.


We have collected some tricks that make our laundry routine more effective and our clothes fresh and clean. There’s also a bonus in the end: a solution to the problem of missing socks.


12. Identification marks

If you have no time to deal with a spot immediately, we recommend that you mark it before you put an item into the laundry basket. So when you’re going to wash your clothes, you won’t miss the items with stains. For example, you can knot the sleeve of your shirt if it’s dirty. You also can use clothespins to identify an item with stains.


11. Shampoo for ring around the collar

Shampoos and dishwashing liquids that remove grease also deal well with dirty collars. You need to apply the product directly on the stain and wait for 15 minutes. Then you can wash your clothes as usual. 

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