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18 Animals Who Rocked Their Glorious Hairstyles Gifted by Nature

We usually invest a lot of time, effort, and money into getting our hair styled and trying out new techniques to add that final touch to our appearance. These animals have never struggled to get their hair right in front of the mirror or in a beauty salon, but they still have the most beautiful and healthiest hair.

We present you 18 pictures of adorably cute and furry animals who have lots to tell us about looking good.

18. Polish buff laced chicken

Polish chickens are admired for their remarkable crest of feathers and V-shaped comb. These beautiful chickens were so popular in Europe in the 16th century that they appeared in the paintings of Dutch and Italian artists of the time.

17. Goura

One of the gorgeous species of crowned pigeons, Goura scheepmakeri can be found in New Guinea and a few surrounding islands.

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