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9 Etiquette Rules We’re Constantly Breaking

Why would a modern person need to know etiquette? Our lives are fast, we eat on the go, stay all day in pajamas, and drink tea and coffee from paper cups. But sometimes it’s really useful and beneficial to slow down, dine at a fancy restaurant, and make a good impression. Being polite and looking good is never out of fashion.

Wespells out the basic etiquette rules that will help you to look stylish and charming.


1. Greeting

A proper greeting is very important. The first impression is based on this which is why it’s useful to be equipped with a couple of rules:

  • You should shake someone’s hand fast without holding it for too long or pulling it toward you. You have to respect your companion’s personal space. Patting someone on the shoulder (even if you know the person well) is considered to be tacky. 
  • Greeting a woman, a man can slightly bow.


2. Communication

  • Punctuality is a must. You should come to meetings on time or a little earlier. If you are going to be late call your companion and apologize.

  • Compliment people more often. Your companion will be pleased, and you can demonstrate your power of observation, your ability to see details, and your sincere interest in your companion.
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