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25 Money Life Hacks That’ll Make You Financially Fit for Life

They say money doesn’t buy happiness, which is true in some respects, but not having enough money to live comfortably won’t make you happy either.  If you’re stressed about not having enough money and feeling like you can’t do anything – pay bills, buy necessities, go on vacations – because you just don’t have the cash, you’re [...]

25 Kitchen Organization Ideas That Everyone Needs to Know

You spend so much time in the kitchen every day, especially if you make most of your meals at home.   A messy, disorganized kitchen can make food prep a hassle.  Learn how to make your kitchen work for you with these 25 Genius Kitchen Organization Ideas that’ll make your life so much easier. Genius Kitchen Organization Ideas [...]

25 Brilliant Food Hacks for Easy Meal Prep!

Whether you enjoy cooking or not, you could probably use some tips and tricks to make the process easier.  These 25 Genius Food Hacks will show you how to prep your favorite foods far more easily than with typical methods, allowing you to streamline your time in the kitchen and enjoy more quality time with your friends [...]

15 Creative + Inexpensive Mason Jar Kitchen Storage Ideas

There are so many incredible uses for mason jars!  My favorite size is the quart – I think it’s the most versatile – but it’s a good idea to have various sizes on hand.  I like to use them to make DIY Body Scrubs.  You can use mason jars in any room in the house, and they make wonderful [...]

17 Brilliant All Natural Bathroom Cleaning Hacks That’ll Save You Time + Money

I only use all natural, non-toxic products in my home because I worry about the dangerous effects conventional cleaners can have on my family.  These products, including bleach, all purpose cleaning sprays and powders, window cleaner, drain cleaner, and more, can cause serious illnesses like cancer, autoimmune disease, and more. Many people think that all [...]

13 Life-Changing Kitchen Hacks That Will Save You a Ton of Time and Energy

Family get-togethers can be a truly joyous occasion — unless you are the chef! As the holidays draw closer and people begin organizing their social calendars, many people spend too much time flapping in the kitchen worrying about meal prep ahead of large gatherings. Calm things down this season with these life-changing kitchen hacks that will change your family dinners forever!   Peel [...]

9 Spy Smartphone Life Hacks That May Save Your Life One Day

The era of digital technology has turned our world upside down. You can use your smartphone for surfing through pictures of cute kittens or to find first aid. But the most important thing here is to know how to get the maximum from your device. We made a list of spy tricks & life hacks that you can do with your smartphone right now. Some [...]

20 Ingenious Life Hacks for Your Clothes That Will Save You a Ton of Money

We’ve all been in that annoying situation where we’ve had to throw out our favorite pair of jeans because they’ve become too small, or our favorite shoes that have started to inexplicably rub our feet. But you can actually find a way to return almost any item of clothing to its former splendor. To prove this to you, we have put together a collection of the best life hacks [...]

21 Сool DIY Сountry House Furniture Ideas

A country house is the perfect place for hot summer days. Here we can finally hide from the city noise and routine, enjoy a deck chair outside, put up a hammock, and simply have a rest among friends or family. You can create your very own piece of paradise by yourself, using leftover materials.We have collected 20 cool ideas for country house furniture which you can make [...]

10 Awesome Life Hacks You Can Learn in Just One Minute

At some point we all think about how much time and money we spend every day on things that can be done much easier and cheaper. According to the Pareto principle, only 20% of our money and effort goes into 80% of the result. Some of the life hacks people come up with to simplify things are actually genius. They can really increase our efficiency and save us a lot of time. [...]