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Superb Cleaning Tips to Tidy Up 2 Times Less Often

American scientists have calculated that women spend no less than 30 minutes every day cleaning. Men are way behind: they do the cleaning 2 times less often than women. Internet users of both sexes claim that the necessity of keeping their places constantly clean drives them crazy and irritates them. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to completely stop caring about housework. But there are tips and secrets that will allow you to clean your place 2 times less often which is already great progress.


We collected the best recommendations for those people who don’t like cleaning but are not willing to live in a mess.


1. Liquid soap helps keep the sink clean for a long time.

In order to keep your bathroom clean, use liquid soap instead of the regular type. Regular soap leaves stains on the sink that take a long time to remove, whereas the liquid kind saves a lot of time. More than that, doctors claim that bacteria reproduce at an amazing rate on a piece of regular soap.


2. If you clean the “hot spots” often, you won’t have to scrub the floor as much.

In order to scrub the floor less often, all you have to do is watch out for the “hot spots.” From there, the dirt usually spreads all around the house. The most popular hot spots are the hall and the area around the litter box. In order to keep your place tidy, just clean these areas once a day.

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