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We Busted 10 Kitchen Myths That Our Mothers Often Swore By

Our grannies and mothers saved all kinds of useful kitchen tips over the years and passed them on to the next generation. But in the era of the Internet, such life hacks become more and more popular, which makes it increasingly difficult to figure out which hacks are good and bad. Are all these kitchen myths really as good and effective as they’re said to be?


We’ve decided to take matters into our own hands and put these kitchen hacks to the test. You can decide from the results of our experiments whether these hacks are useful or not.


Myth № 1: To make dough thicker, you need to mix soda with vinegar.

To debunk this myth, we did not actually bake any buns, but rather, remembered the lessons of chemistry class. So, in order for soda to be used as a baking powder, it needs an acidic environment. But a common ’60s housewives somehow decided to mix the soda with vinegar (apparently, it was at hand most often). As a result of the reaction, carbon dioxide is released, adding a little puff to the dough. The problem is that carbon dioxide escapes before it gets to the dough.

Ideally, you need to mix soda with dry ingredients and acid, then with liquid, and quickly mix both parts and bake. However, in this method, it is better to use not vinegar, but sour cream, buttermilk or lemon juice as an acid instead — or simply buy a bag of baking powder. We think this method is better left in the past.

Conclusion: does not work.


Myth № 2: To make eggs easy to shell, you need to put them into cold water after cooking.

Hard-boiling eggs perfectly so that the shell can be easily removed is a form of art. Just immersing eggs in cold water is clearly not enough.

Chef Kenji Lopez-Alt has cooked thousands of eggs over the past few years to find the perfect cooking technology. He advises dropping eggs into boiling water — and not cold, despite what everyone is used to. We did this ourselves! The eggs were really cleaned better when they were brewed in boiling water. However, you must be attentive because at different temperatures, eggs can simply crack.

Here are a few more secrets:

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