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On the morning of the 10th of May, 1978, a 71 year old farmer named Jan Wolski from Emilcin was the subject of a very long and clear alien encounter.

Of course, non-believers were quick to search for reasons why this abduction, like any other, lacks credibility, but could come up with no more than a handful of highly dubious ones.

The extraterrestrial beings were also seen by a 6 year old boy.

Just for yoga practice, let’s give the 6 year old to the skeptics and say a small child’s imagination can run free, although in 1978 there was no internet and they weren’t showing any occidental UFO movies in Poland at the time. The kid had no prior UFO knowledge, so at most, the skeptics can argue collective memory, but that would also work on UFOlogy’s favor, meaning his ancestors had also encountered extraterrestrials.

The official MUFON report detailing the case

Modern day encounters are hard to believe because of all the hype and technology that make it easy to hoax such an event. However, the complete absence of media exposure in the 70’s and 80’s, especially in a country like Poland, makes these people’s statements very credible. Now let’s focus on Jan Wolski and his depiction of what happened on that morning.

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  • the ufo is too small to have come from outer space, so it is a man-made ufo if that is it in the photo it also looks man made


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